Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Me

 Here are random and little known things about me.
  • I love white. The colour represents peace, purity, love, beauty, hygiene, light and most importantly life. My wardrobe is filled with white. I can wear white all day long, all year long and never get bored.
  • I am not very religious. I pray every day, but not in the conventional way. I believe in the highest entity that creates and destroys all, I call ‘Him’ God too. In that sense, all the beautiful things he created are spiritual and pure. It maybe a sunset, curled up fingers of a newborn baby, dew on a budding rose, a lush green rainforest, a majestic tusker, a little bulbul, MS Subbulakshmi’s rendition of ‘Kurai Ondrum Illai’ or Gulzar’s ‘Mera Kuch Saaman’. The odds of these beautiful things making me feel spiritual is higher than visiting a grand temple.
  • I can’t survive without music. I wake up with a tune in my head and it stays there till I get back to sleep. I listen to music almost all day. A dear friend thinks that I would have gone insane by now if not for my affliction to music.
  • I absolutely and totally adore Sonu Nigam. I have been in love with him from the time I first heard his voice, which was 14 years ago. After I heard him sing in my mother tongue, I realized that I couldn’t have asked for more. All this fascination culminated quite well, when I watched him perform live and stood right at the foot of the stage singing along ‘Anisutide Yaako Indu’ with the man himself.
  • I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I have read and re-read and re-re-read the series multiple times. Ron Weasley is the cutest character in literary history.
  • My dream man is Chandler Bing.
  • I am a cleanliness freak. I am also a stickler for hygiene. I like everything around me to be in perfect order, in the right place and if possible, scrubbed clean.
  • I have great patience. I can listen to people talk for hours and endure utter nonsense for ages. Though this is a quality that most of my friends envy me for, I know how it can work against me.
  • I strive for perfection everywhere. Most people blame that on my sunsign, but I love the habit. It makes me want to achieve something better each time and keeps me on my feet. My quest for the ‘perfect’ stuff annoys people around me and also causes me a lot of agony because no such thing exists. But am not about to give up that easily. There has to be a perfect way of giving up things, and I am yet to master that!
  • Dance, according to me is the most beautiful form of communication. The levels of spirituality, discipline and happiness a person can attain are unarguably the highest with dancing. It’s mostly true with me. I am happiest when I dance.
  • I despise hypocrites and show-offs. I will gladly trust a fool, provided he is genuine.
  • Photography is my religion. For me, every sight I see is a prospective image and I am always mentally framing pictures. I love photographs and can never get tired of looking at old ones. I also like to believe that I can take pretty decent and expressive pictures.
  • I worship Gulzar. He is the king of poetry and some of his songs have moved me to tears.
  • I am very passionate about nature and wildlife. I watch the sunset every single day without fail. I love travelling and would love to travel through a country alone, someday.
  • I am everybody’s agony aunt. Family, friends, acquaintances and total strangers discuss their problems with me. Some look for advise, some for help and some just for a ear to pour out their problems.
  • I have a weakness for flowering trees. I can look at a in-bloom Java Cassia tree all day.
  • I have an unusually large memory. I can remember tiny, crazy, remote things and events that no one would bother to pay attention to. 
  • I can’t survive without reading. I usually don’t get out of home without a book in tow. I can’t sleep if I don’t read a few lines.


  1. Hey Radz,

    First of all, Congrats on your new blog.

    1) I loved the url- "radz-cookiespensieve" Unlike mine which is just my name and unluckily I am too fond of my name!!! You might have named it "Pensieve" as in Harry Potter series, I would want to also call it "Pen-sieve" which is a sieve to filter out the finest of the writings and publish them here. I am sure you would be doing it in your "Pensive" mood

    2) I know you past years and also have known about your penchant for books. Hope the readers also get to read reviews of whatever you read.

    3) Lastly I have to admit that I bought 2 Dictionaries- Oxford and Chambers for the reason that I am a follower of your blog and I would get to learn more new words...

    Good Luck,


  2. Thank you Praveen!! :)
    Yeah.. Pensieve is as mentioned in the Harry Potter series. Am glad you read them too!
    Will definitely add reviews of the books I read.
    And, when you learn new words, please teach me too, 'coz my vocabulary isn't all that good :)
    Thanks again!

  3. Great Start, excellent command over the language. I wonder what took you so long to enter the blogosphere.

    P.S. Love the second point :)

  4. hey...i just happened to visit your blog while going thru the club mahindra's blog collection.....must say that your writing is just so true and impressive....btw i too share almost a similar passion for Gulzar's lyrics and 'mera kuch samaan' remains an all time fave....the words have been put in an amazingly magical manner....m really looking forward to read more about you....if thats possible do send me some of your captured pics.....