Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Falcon Visits, Again..

After spending an evening with the Shaheen Falcon last month, I was craving for another sighting. And better images. My wish came true!

Wednesday, the 17th of November was a holiday for Eid. At around 1 PM, I was scanning the building as usual and noticed the Falcon perched just two floors below, on a pipe again. A small boy playing in a balcony close by kept the bird occupied and it watched him with interest.

Noisy Pigeons, people walking in and out of their balconies, Pariah Kites gliding overhead - the Falcon had many things to keep itself occupied. It watched everything in the surroundings and occasionally glanced at me too. Meanwhile, it preened, a lot.

Unlike last time, the bird seemed very edgy and kept shifting positions. In a while, it relaxed and took a nap. I saw the bird's eyes shut for the first time!

A couple of streets away, some kids were bursting crackers and I noticed the bird jerk and move every time it heard a loud sound. It began preening and scratching again, just before taking off.

I was quite disappointed that I missed photographing the take-off again. Little did I realize that I was going to get luckier :)
In about 5 mins, the bird flew right back in and this time, it settled on a balcony very close by, on the same floor as mine.

As soon as it settled down there, it *pooped*. And I did manage to photograph that moment.

A Common Emigrant flying around caught its attention and it traced its flight. Its amazing how they can turn and twist the neck around without shifting their body or legs.

Once the Emigrant was gone, I became the subject of interest and it looked at me, curiously and stealthily at the same time.

After spending another 5 minutes perched on the balcony, the Falcon took off.. 

..swooped down..

..and was gone.

For the rest of the noon, I saw the bird circling around the building. Several attempts to photograph it in flight failed, thanks to the bird's speed and other obstructions. Towards evening, I saw it perched on a pipe, about 7 floors below. When I checked again at 5:30 PM, it was gone.

And now, I wait again :)

Details of Sighting -
Date : 17 November 2010
Time : 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Place : Arekere, Bannerghatta Road

 ** I own the copyright of all images. Please do not use them without my permission.


  1. great captures. At least Bannerghatta has some greenery left to attract birds

  2. @Shrinidhi - Thank you! Yeah, it still has some..

  3. Nice!! Wingspans of raptors never cease to amaze me :) Lucky you.

  4. OMG, Luck 2nd time.
    Caught some very good one.
    Lucky u.

  5. @Nagesh, @Santhosh - Yeah, been lucky with this one :)

  6. Very nice narration and super photographs, Radha! Now I have to come visit you! I have only seen the shaheen high up flying in the sky!

  7. Enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as you must having enjoyed taking them:)

  8. Great Radha...Second time lucky...

  9. @Uma - Thank you! And you are most welcome :)

    @Ranjini, @Shekar - Thank you :)

  10. Excellent documentation, excellent account! Thank you.

  11. lucky wonder you cut the call..i loved the poop shot the best :)

  12. @Lakshmi - I hope that your call coincides with the Falcon's visit again ;)

  13. Nice photo-feature! Almost surreal to see this bird in an urban environment, although that's the story in many big cities. I wish there were more Peregrines than pigeons on our ledges!

  14. @Beej - Thank you :)
    I always made a similar wish and mine's come true.. I hope yours does too :)

  15. very good picture of the black shaheen (Peregrinus peregrinator)